Why Email Marketing is Still Important in 2020

Have you been constantly hearing, “Email marketing is dead.”? The only places where email is in fact dead, is with companies who have let their strategy die! Let us unravel some of the top reasons why email marketing still continues to be a thriving marketing strategy– in 2020 and beyond.

Across the world, as many as 2.8 billion people make use of emails on a daily basis. With 56%of the global population having access to Internet connection and active email addresses, the overall importance of email marketing for businesses continues to be a significant tool in the hand of any marketer.

If you happen to be a digital marketer, and you are wondering how to make use of the right email marketing campaign to reach out to the target audience, a good place to start is by understanding why email is still relevant – and what are the key areas that can drive success via this channel.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there, delivering leading ROIs. Emails also help in allowing you to connect your marketing channels for a fluid and cohesive journey for the end buyers. You also tend to gain the overall ability to create personalised customer experiences, while increasing customer engagement and strengthening brand awareness with your prospect customers,potential customers and past customers.

Email is a testing opportunity to gain insight into the valuable customer data for meaningful touch points of the end customers. This is the reason why you should aim at harnessing the power of automation and fully utilising split testing to see what headlines, copy and call to action drives the most results from your emails. Excuse the jargon, but we can go further into this in another post.


Email Offers A higher ROI than other Channels, When Used Correctly

A study by Email Marketing Gold showed that email marketing can offer a higher ROI than other channels when doing aside-by-side analysis. Now, we must admit that these numbers may be fairly biased, as the company that did the study are specialist in email marketing and therefore would naturally get a better result from email campaigns, but it does go to show the potential of well executed email campaigns.

Email Marketing Gold found that the return on investment for every $ 1 invested in email marketing campaigns can be up to $ 40 which far outshone the other channels when comparing side-by-side.



Engaging And Re-Engaging Through Automation

Chances are that you have a “Sign Up to Subscribe” call-to-action pasted on your website somewhere. However, what is the post sign-up experience like for your subscribers?

Have you created a welcome message, what are the follow up steps and how do you re-engage your subscribers?

Through your email marketing strategy, you should never miss out on an opportunity to win back an abandoned cart or create new leads with the help of email automation. Try triggering some instant follow-up email in case the user has abandoned the cart. This would serve as a reminder of the products while asking if they would require further assistance in the completion of the respective purchase.  A great tool for converting is adding a discount within this email.

Email automation is known to help in converting missed opportunities into relevant opportunities ensuring strong customer relationships as well as increased conversions. Email automation can become your best partner in the overall development of infrastructure for improved customer experiences at every stage of the journey for the end buyers –right from awareness to consideration and the ultimate decision. Soon enough, you will start reaping the benefits of effective email marketing automation with highly engaged as well as high-converting leads.

Nurturing Customer Relationships Through Personalisation

As a brand, what steps are you utilising to personalise your email marketing campaigns for your subscribers? Do you ask the question each time you send an email:

Would my audience be interested in this, would this provide value?

Now this doesn’t mean that you need to be writing 1,000 emails to 1,000 different customers, no. You should be marketing smarter, and not harder. By using smart ‘tagging’ features and personalisation, you can effectively create highly personalised ‘for you’ content that speaks to the interests of your audience. Personalisation of emails helps in increasing the engagement of your content, and in turn, the return you will get from your efforts. At the same time, this strategy also allows you to be highly agile with your campaign, making adjustments and reactive campaigns on the back of your customers’ interactions with your content, website and the email campaigns themselves.

74% of marketers claim that email personalisation helps in increasing customer engagement. Utilisation of personalisation tokens for creating what appears to be a one-to-one experience should become a standard practice for your brand.

But what exactly do we mean when we are talking about the personalisation of emails?

You should aim at becoming more intentional and strategic with your campaigns. You can start with the segmentation of your contact list on the basis of specific actions or properties of the contact taken by your customers.

For instance, HubSpot is provides the capability of tracking page views. For instance, if you would like to target specific contacts that might have viewed a particular page multiple times with the help of some follow-up email. Indeed, if a particular contact is viewing a page multiple times, then he or she might have be the prime candidate to deliver personalised content revolving around that specific page.

If you are looking to engaging contacts who might be visiting a particular page multiple times, here are some effective tricks:

·       Linking your tracking tool, and mailing list,to allow for tracking of page views within your email database

·       Building a dedicated nurture series for filtering contacts from the given list into a series of 3-6 parts of automation follow-up email series

·       Creating if/then branches on the basis of email engagement

The given series of steps can help in developing several segmentations for further dividing or excluding from future email marketing campaigns. Whilst this may seem like some marketing jargon and sound fairly complicated – it is actually quite easy to understand when you just take into consideration the key points and what defines different characteristics within your audiences.

How To Use Email Segmentation - Ultimate Guide - MailerLite

HubSpot wrote a fantastic post on why Email list Segmentation is Important, click here to read it now.

Ensuring a Fluid Customer Journey

It is now time to bridge the gap that exists between multiple marketing channels. Email is an effective marketing tool that helps in providing the ability to create a well-connected, fluid, and undisturbed customer journey. Most importantly, email marketing helps in allowing you to develop stronger relationships with leads and potential customers. It should serve as your opportunity to interact directly with the end customers through the inbox when it is convenient for them. Or, when the time is just right.

Complemented with the right message, email marketing can turn out to serve as one of the most impactful marketing channels. Make the most of the email marketing automation strategies for your business.


Here are 5 key tools to get you started with Email Marketing today:

1. Hubspot - Email and CMS In One

Hubspot is a BIG tool for us in our business,not only have we used it for email communications, but it is also used as aCRM, bridging together our Sales and Marketing Team.

The Hubspot CRM allows you to send bulk email campaigns that are easy to create and automatically optimised for different devices. The best part of this is that they can be personalised with the contact’s key information entered into the CRM by the sales team, or you.

Pricing: Starts Free.

2. Mailchimp – An Ideal place to start

Mailchimp is one of the best-known names in email marketing for a reason. Their easy to use system is very intuitive, and you can even get started for free, sending emails to up to 2,000 contacts. Mailchimp allows you to add tags and filters to your contact lists, enabling personalisation and even more effectiveness in your campaigns. The tools within the system are fairly intuitive, and allow you to get going with e-mail campaigns fairly quickly.

Integrate this with your landing pages and you can set up automated follow up campaigns.

 Pricing: Starts Free.

3. AWeber

AWeber is similar to Mailchimp, but offers far more options when it comes to designing and pushing a clever workflow to your contact. This is true both with new and exisiting subscribers in your mailing list. The benefit of using a toll like AWeber is the ability to stagger old campaigns to new subscribers. Meaning you don’t have to bombard them with content right from the get-go, but can make great use of the tool’s follow up feature to get them up to speed with your content.

AWeber will allow for advance tagging and tracking, so you can deliver hyper specific and personalised content through automated workflows.

There’s a reason why AWeber is the provider of choice for many, with great features and a great support team.

Pricing: Starts at $19/month.


4. RafflePress

Giveaways and competitions are a time-tested way of growing your subscriber list. By creating giveaways you are giving people an opportunity to try your product, whilst growing your subscriber base with people you know would be highly interested in your product and service.

RafflePress offers an integrated solution and helps drive sign ups into your competition. It’s a great way of managing theraffles and giveaways with ease.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month (billed annually), but you can get a lifetime license for $449!


GoViral is a smart little growth hack solution for your mailing list. Its completely free and integrates with your optinforms. How does it work and what does GoViral do exactly? Well, when someone signs up for your mailing list, GoViral will incentivise your new subscriber to share your mailing list / digital download / page via social media or email in order to receive an additional “bonus”. This bonus could be a free ebook, an additional discount or special offer, that part is up to you.

Pricing: Free.

5. Cake Mail

We cannot stress the importance of testing enough. Without testing, you cannot be certain what exactly is making your audience convert, and what they prefer in terms of your content. Cake Mail offers an A/B split testing tool in order for you to improve open rates with your email. Cake Mail will allow you to see which emails will perform best and help by letting you know if you may end up in the spam folder of your subscribers.

This is a great tool, but not essential at the start. As there is a fee attached, you could segment and test manually withyour email marketing tool at the start. But we are all for tools and solutions that save time and improve performance.

Pricing: Starts at $8/month.


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