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“Content should ask people to do something and reward them for it.”
– Lee Odden

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Why Email Marketing is Still Important in 2020

Have you been constantly hearing, “Email marketing is dead.”? The only places where email is in fact dead, is with companies who have let their strategy die! Let us unravel some of the top reasons why email marketing still continues to be a thriving marketing strategy– in 2020 and beyond.

Book Club - September: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

This month we are very excited to talk about the hard-hitting memoir from the founder of NIKE: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Having picked up the book after reading the incredible reviews from some of the leaders in global business such as Bill Gates, we weren't disappointed.

Tips to Future Proof Your Business Through the Continued Lockdown.

Today I am sharing some insight and key areas that will help protect your business through the continued pandemic. Whilst you may feel like this post is a bit late to the game, 4 months too late to be exact… well you may be right. However, the core principles I am going to share in here will continue to support your business as the economic landscape continues to shift.

How to Create a Consistent Instagram Theme

Hello fellow creatives and marketers, today we are talking about something that is highly important to me, whenever creating a social strategy for a brand – whether that’s a business or a personal brand, and that is: creating a cohesive style on social media, specifically Instagram.

COVID-19's Impact on Lead generation for Businesses

We have been big supporters of businesses creating their own lead generation funnels, rather than buying leads in or relying on a sales force to create leads for the business.

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